June 1, 2018.

Spain: What´s the deal?

Rajoy deputy moderate flat if he resigns and Soraya SdS acting president until the end of the term.

Soraya has maneuvered perfectly. In fact, his party mates, all the barons, have a scary fear. She has leaked information, everyone has known, she has been president of the Generalitat de Catalunya in office and has not harmed anyone, she has paid the last independent media, she has bedded down with the Count of Godó and with David Madí, alma mater of the Catalan bourgeois independence movement. He let Puigdemont escape. It is well seen by the media.

If Rajoy resigns as president, the rest of the government will remain in office until a new executive takes the witness after being elected president in Congress. Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, as the only vice president (and the highest ranking minister), would assume the functions of the presidency.

The Gurtel does not affect anything, was not anyone in the time of Rajoy, a sad official number 1 of his promotion, yes. It is parliamentary since 2004, when the PP lost power. He has a big name, and very good relations with businessmen who know everything, peccadilloes and capital

Soraya has led the PP and its government to the very edge of the abyss. He only needs one last step: to convince Rajoy to resign or the Socialists will win the motion. Rajoy can not even doubt. Better that his party is the one that follows in the Government to that they are the sociatas.

Soraya will accumulate the presidency, the control of the CNI that has given her such good results (she is the whistleblower of all leaks, including that of Rivera and Arrimadas by fascists, corrupt and cocaine addicts, those of the resigned Cristina Cifuentes, video of the theft of perfumes including that of Cospedal's husband, etc.).

As acting president, she will raise 155 because she has already agreed with the Catalan nationalists to support the motion against the opinion of Puigdemont. And with the Basques, to whom it guarantees that there will be no elections before 2020. It will restore "normality" to Catalonia.

But is not it supposed to look for another candidate to replace Rajoy if he resigns? Yes, of course, but that will take months. It is enough for him to control Felipe VI so that he does not commit the imprudence of hearing siren songs. So the candidate who proposes within months will be herself or yes. If they make her president, good; if not, then nothing happens, will continue in office.

 The budgets are approved and prepared to be extended in 2019. He convinced the Basques to approve them. This leaves him two years to consolidate as leader of the PP, which will purge as Stalin to the PCUS.

Soraya has no dead in the closet. It is a leverage behind the power that gives absolute information about all politicians and entrepreneurs. It represents the generational renewal that the ultra-Catholic right wing wishes to continue in the machito and prevent them from sending back the socialist "evil matacuras".

His absolute control explains why all campaigns of all parties and all media, for two years, have been directed against a single person, Rajoy, Rajoy, Rajoy. And that nothing has been written against Soraya SdS, for the account that she has.

Imagine Rajoy's speech when he resigns. Copied from that of Suarez before another coup d'état that would have swept the UCD from power. He won the motion of censure by agreeing to his immediate resignation. Better to resign and be his vice president, Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo, the one who took the presidency, instead of the socialists.

As the declaration of the Republic in Catalonia lasted 10 seconds, on June 1, 2018 we will see the same in the Congress of Deputies.

And the IBEX? Happy as a partridge buggered by a quail.